About CICON Engineers

Professionalism has always been the aim of CICON from the inception. Highest level of customer satisfaction by executing the projects within a stipulated time with high standard of quality and accident free implementation following safety requirements has been the goal for CICON.

High level of customer satisfaction result in getting works on repeat order basis from various clients. With some of the clients CICON is associated for more than a decade for execution of their projects.

Project Management practices using the latest software such as MS Project are used to ensure timely completion of projects.

Quality has always been the mark of CICON from the initial stage and CICON adheres to firm inflexible quality standards at every stage of its activities in the construction.

As it has more than 27 years of precious experience in the civil construction field CICON is now well set to handle projects of larger size.

To provide customized services to its clients, CICON has developed a comprehensive engineering infrastructure geared to achieve its goals.

With its basic approach, team of experienced & expert professionals, open to latest technology, and adoption to modern equipment has been the key instrument for CICON to achieve prestigious construction projects over the years. Any assistance required even after completion of projects is rendered with equal zest.

And anticipation of future technology trends combined with urge to constantly infuse fresh know how into its line of process, enables CICON to respond quickly and effectively to maintain its lead in the construction arena.